About Us

Moving Forward, Together

We are proud to present an efficient and reliable power project to the community to keep it moving with the growing Virginia economy. With advanced technology, we can play a role in ensuring the state continues to pursue green initiatives while supplying reliable energy to propel its communities into the future.

Respecting the Land And All Persons

Integrity: Our organization’s safety standards ensure a high sense of responsibility.

Community: This project is to support Virginia’s growing economy. Our promise is to maintain an open and honest relationship, and we hope you will provide us with feedback for our continuous improvement.

Responsibility: We are committed to protecting the environment by using already available utility lines, air-cooled power generation turbines and plans to be 100% carbon-free.

Project Overview

The Chickahominy Pipeline project is planned to transport natural gas from Transco’s existing pipeline in Charlottesville to the proposed Chickahominy Power project in Charles City County. The pipeline will be 83-miles long with plans to parallel existing utility lines for 40% of its route. The route will see Louisa, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent and Charles City Counties.

Chickahominy Pipeline, LLC