Environmental Protection

Safely Moving Energy

Chickahominy Pipeline is committed to maintaining environmental, health and safety standards. From restoration to renewable energy, our policies and infrastructure focus on moving energy safely because it is the right thing to do.

Our Commitment

We commit ourselves to protecting public health and the environment from construction to operation. With decades of experience, Chickahominy Pipeline team members are trained and focused on responsible environmental management, reducing emissions and preserving the land and water systems. This includes habitat restoration after construction, the process of returning seed to the ground, and planting trees and shrubs to the land.

The Chickahominy Power project will be ready to start using 30% Blue Hydrogen as soon as it becomes available and will be prepared to transition to 100% Hydrogen.

The Chickahominy Pipeline will be a transportation service to the power plant, connecting the plant to a regional Hydrogen Hub. This sets the stage for a 100% carbon-free dependable source of electricity.

Chickahominy Power is using Air Cooling technology for its generators, avoiding putting any burden on local water resources.

Did You Know?

Our innovative engineering design of using carbon-steel pipes allows us to make the easy transition from natural gas to hydrogen transportation without additional construction. By putting in a plan for cleaner infrastructure now, we can help our future.

It is important to maintain healthy ecosystems for our diverse wildlife. We are proud to preserve and enhance local habitats with our environmental sustainability policies and procedures.

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