Chickahominy Pipeline, LLC Project Paused

Chickahominy Power, LLC has been notified by its legal team that the Federal
Energy Regulatory Commission has upheld PJM’s decision to remove
Chickahominy Power from the permitting queue. PJM has opined that other
projects in its queue are nearer to operation-readiness, so it needs to devote
attention to those projects in its already-crowded docket.

Although Chickahominy Power may reenter the PJM queue in the future, in light
of this regulatory setback as well as the uncertainty remaining with the SCC,
Chickahominy Pipeline needs to press “pause” on its pipeline efforts until its sole end-user, Chickahominy Power, is in a position to move forward. The planned Open House for February 21, 2022, is canceled.

As such, Chickahominy Pipeline will be suspending its project at this time, while
Chickahominy Power evaluates its next steps. Chickahominy Pipeline extends
its sincere appreciation and gratitude to those entities and individuals who were critical thinkers and either early supporters or lately-supporters for this much-needed and critical infrastructure project. We also appreciate those government officials who gave the project an open mind and fair shot and hope
that, if Chickahominy Power resumes its place in the PJM queue, you will
again support the Chickahominy Pipeline effort to fuel it.

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