Chickahominy Response to 12.22.21 SCC Opinion

Chickahominy Pipeline has received the ruling from the State Corporation Commission (SCC), which adopted the opinion of its Hearing Examiner. As previously stated, Chickahominy Pipeline disagrees with the opinion that it should be considered a “public utility” due to its “sale” of natural gas.

Chickahominy Pipeline is reviewing the SCC ruling and is weighing its options on how to proceed. As noted, after receiving the opinion of the Hearing Examiner in November, the requirement of full SCC regulation of the pipeline will not cause Chickahominy Pipeline to abandon the proposed project – it may appeal, file an application for a certificate, or consider other options. Chickahominy Pipeline still plans to pursue this project. The power generation station the Chickahominy Pipeline intends to serve is already permitted and shovel-ready. Weather-independent energy generation is a real need for this area to sustain Virginia’s population growth and business growth in the tech industry.