Hello, Neighbors

As we continue planning for the Chickahominy Pipeline Project, we want you, the landowners and stakeholders, to know that we hear you. Whether your responses to survey permission requests, your personal contacts with members of our team, or your comments in public forums, Chickahominy Pipeline understands that the most frequent concern cited by you is the lack of credible information about the project. We acknowledge that we could have done a better job communicating with stakeholders, ahead of launching our initiative. Going forward, we intend to keep you informed.

The Chickahominy Pipeline Project is needed to connect an existing source of natural gas to the fully permitted and shovel-ready Chickahominy Power Generation Station in Charles City County. In the natural gas industry, compressor engines along the pipeline are used to move the natural gas on the system. The Chickahominy Pipeline intends to use natural gas/electric compressor engines. By using electric compressors as part of the pipeline’s fuel source will reduce the company’s carbon footprint. It is important to note that the majority of the pipeline will be invisible as it will be buried. The infrastructure laid now has the potential to be 100% carbon-free in the future to align with Virginia’s 2045 goal for the same.

The Chickahominy Power Generation Station location was planned in recognition that this region in Virginia is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, with economic growth being driven by data centers to a great extent. To sustain that growth, the region will need reliable, weather-independent clean energy to alleviate the strain on the electric grid while also providing an energy source for industries and jobs. Once fully online, the Chickahominy Power Generation Station has the potential to provide sustainable clean electric energy generation with the capacity to replace many existing older and inefficient power plants.

Finally, Chickahominy Pipeline is not seeking regulation by the State Corporation Commission as a utility. This means that Chickahominy Pipeline will not be permitted to sell natural gas along its pipeline route to consumers who bear natural gas rates. It also means that Chickahominy Pipeline is not seeking and, therefore, will not have the power of eminent domain. For landowners, it means that this project will be constructed using land rights we negotiate with you. For survey permission, for access, for rights-of-way…this project needs your contribution. We want you to want this project. So far, more than 160 of your neighbors have already granted us permission to begin our survey.

Back to we hear you…Chickahominy Pipeline’s website is live, as is its
Facebook page. The website has specific information on the project with the ability for you to provide comments and with the company’s contact information. We will be holding several listening sessions to elicit feedback from you, the landowners, and stakeholders. The first couple of sessions will be virtual during the week of December 6, 2021, where you can get information and ask questions while remaining socially distant. We will post the link to the virtual meeting on our website during that week, with the date, time, and login directions. Chickahominy Pipeline intends to put a video of the virtual meetings on its website for those who are unable to attend. After the virtual meetings, Chickahominy Pipeline will hold live Open Houses in the project area (also with a virtual component), so you can ask questions in person.

The Chickahominy Pipeline website is chickahominypipeline.com, and our
email is info@chickahominypipeline.com. We intend to respond to questions posedwithin one business day, sharing responses on our website and Facebook page while preserving the identity of those who asked.

Thank you for your engagement in this process. Together, we can be the energy that moves these communities forward.

Timothy Seibert, Project Consultant